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"...a composer of emotional depth and effortless lyricism... not every jazz pianist can keep an audience at rapt attention with mostly unfamiliar material. Pintchik can and did... she's out to weave a spell, and this she does as well as anyone on the scene... her tunes are subtle, intriguing and seductive, not-so-buried treasures waiting to be recognized and discovered by other jazz artists."
DownBeat (review of a performance at Jazz at Kitano by Allen Morrison)

"A crafty, lyrically minded improviser and a compelling composer..."
The New Yorker (Steve Futterman)
"a stunning assortment of the bandleader's originals."
DownBeat (review of Same Day Delivery... by Hobart Taylor)
"a creative composer, inventive arranger and sublime improviser."
NYC Jazz Record (review of Same Day Delivery... by Ken Dryden)
"...exquisitely beautiful...elegant and heartfelt...Leslie Pintchik creates a rich palette of music that is discerning, unexpected and always inviting."
NYC Jazz Record (review of You Eat My Food... by Donald Elfman)
"Leslie plays with complete engagement... [she] brings depth and thought to everything she plays. "
JazzWax.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Marc Myers)
"I don't know if she tap-dances and can eradicate world poverty, but she's put together a really splendid, life-affirming album."
Musicweb-International.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Jonathan Woolf)
"Leslie Pintchik's music has a magical draw to it.... Her pieces...have a way of registering and resonating both with the pleasure center of the brain and the heart... Getting lost in this music is simply a joy. If 2016 has a more pleasurable listen to offer than True North, this writer hasn't heard it yet. (4 1/2 stars)"
AllAboutJazz.com (review of True North by Dan Bilawsky)
"Pianist and composer Leslie Pintchik is one of the finest bandleaders in the field of straight-ahead jazz right now, someone who not only writes with inventive wit and a keen melodic sense, but who also consistently draws the best out of her band members. Six originals, four standards (including a limpidly gorgeous rendition of the Mancini/Mercer composition “Charade”), every one of them a gem. "
CD HotList (review of True North by Rick Anderson)
"one of the more captivating recordings to come out so far this year..."
The New Yorker (review of In The Nature Of Things by Steve Futterman)
"...a gorgeous display of the trio..."
WBGO Radar
(review of In The Nature Of Things by WBGO music director Gary Walker)
"... Pintchik's music is fresh, full of light and instantly invigorating (4 stars)"
Downbeat Magazine (review of So Glad To Be Here by Ken Micallef)
"... achingly beautiful. I truly felt throughout the album she was having a conversation with me, the listener -- a level of intimacy that is rare today in jazz."
JazzWax.com (review of In The Nature Of Things by Marc Myers)
"This is the mark of a true artist."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of In The Nature Of Things by Dr. Judith Schlesinger)
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