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"... an adept interpreter of American Songbook classics and a composer of beautifully melodic tunes... " "...an unabashed search for beauty."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of Quartets by Dan McClenaghan)
"... [Quartets] is a joyous, sparkling collection that is rich with graceful swing, surprising harmonic turns and phrasing, stellar technique, and drop-dead gorgeous melodies."
Coda Magazine (review of Quartets by Joseph Blake)
"[Quartets has] the impeccably consistent wrap of surround sound for music done right. The sound only matters because the music is strong...Pintchik is an intelligent, tasteful pianist who has carefully configured a complete, varied, nuanced album...her best attributes are her sensitivity with ballads and her creative reimagining of standards, strengths that often coincide."
JazzTimes (review of Quartets by Tom Conrad)
"Jazz pianist Leslie Pintchik is the kind of fingers-flying, light-espousing talent that makes critics blush...Pintchik's new CD Quartets...[makes] elation and sparkling energy an everyday occurrence...Pintchik operates in a glowing zone of cool on 'Not So Fast'...Bittersweet, nostalgic, sad and probing, 'A Simpler Time' stops time."
Yahoo.com (Ken Micallef blog "Better Living Through MP3")
"[Pintchik] is a subtle performer who probes deeply and phrases well."
"...the recording is a revelation. It's delicate, detailed, refined and atmospheric."
Enjoythemusic.com (review of Quartets by Phil Gold)
"This six-minute arrangement [Somewhere/Berimbau] is a little masterpiece of great beauty."
Audiophile Audition (review of Quartets by John Henry)
"...there's nothing like the feel of genuine quality to make life worth living. Which brings us to lyrical pianist Leslie Pintchik..."
Tucson Citizen (review of Quartets)
"... a beautifully performed statement with the delicate sophistication of a love story."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of Quartets by Christopher Shoe)
"...one of the most important albums of the year..."
"If 'vivid' was the word that best expressed my impressions of the debut
album [So Glad To Be Here], 'stunning' is the one I use to describe her sophomore effort."
FulvueDrive-in.com (review of Quartets by Nicholas Sheffo)
"Her sound is gorgeous and reflective..."
"Even the up tempo standards are transformed into soulful morsels. Just beautiful."
"Equal to the musicians and musicality is the recording. Stunning!"
"Quartets is both a musical and audiophile winner."
Audiophilia.com (review of Quartets by Anthony Kershaw)
"Leslie Pintchik brings a crystalline touch and impressive chops to her second CD as a leader...a comer with significant piano wisdom."
Jazz Society of Oregon (review of Quartets)
"'Happy Days Are Here Again' [begins] with an aura of hushed wonder... The closing standard, 'Somewhere,' is a standout... Pintchik's treatment of the melody reflects the yearning quality of the Bernstein-Sondheim song in its original setting... But on the final 'somewhere,' she shifts its accent to create the instrument-mimicking introductory figure of Baden-Powell’s 'Berimbau,' ending the piece in a joyful Brazilian groove."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of Quartets by Virginia A. Schaefer)
"...subtle lovely music... [Takeishi is] always breathing subtle rhythmic complexity into Pintchik's complex but swinging music... Pintchik herself has a light touch, favoring lovely single line melody, and bassist Scott Hardy is always a vivid part of the music..."
Cadence Magazine (review of Quartets by Phillip McNally)
"Whether on standards or originals, Leslie's keyboard work is masterful & unique...This is a great album, especially for those listeners who love piano that seems to be played from the inside!...MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...Simply wonderful!"
Improvijazzation Nation (review of Quartets by Rotcod Zzaj)
"Leslie Pintchik and Scott Hardy play miraculous music - in tune in all ways. And you can quote me on that."
Red Mitchell
"I love the CD. The very first sound kept my attention All the Way. I loved the tunes and I loved the playing."
Jim Hall (about an earlier demo CD entitled Completely)
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