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"... one of the best compositions of the evening ..."
Michael Bourne - WBGO-FM (on the Cognac Hennessy Jazz Competition)
"I recently had the pleasure of hearing the Leslie Pintchik Trio at Toronto's Jazz Expo and found the group's playing to be the most musically satisfying listening experience heard there. All the essential elements were in place - well-constructed originals, great improvising and what really set this group apart from everything else I heard that weekend was its solid sense of swing!"
Doug Watson - Jazz.FM91, Toronto, Canada
"...Pintchik’s ballads...possess an individual poetry...the pianist digs deep burrowing into introspective caverns, yet never loses herself in rhapsodic musings."
JazzTimes (review of So Glad To Be Here by Steve Futterman)
"... a fine pianist ... and a writer of tunes which take all sorts of intriguing harmonic turns."
Hot House (Spotlight by Paul Blair)
"Pintchik...has formed her own sound out of the modern mainstream of jazz.... The close interplay by the musicians, the excellent new material and Leslie Pintchik's impressive improvising skills make So Glad To Be Here a set well worth picking up."
L.A. Jazz Scene (review of So Glad To Be Here by Scott Yanow)
"... a composer with a flair for the lyrical, well-constructed, engaging melodies, strong efforts all, with Terse Tune chosen here as a particular favorite... a fine debut disc."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of So Glad To Be Here by Dan McClenaghan)

"Pintchik's compositions predominate... Outstanding is Hopperesque, which evokes and interprets the work of American painter Edward Hopper... Pintchik's Something Lost is masterful...Pintchik's Mortal is perhaps the most original and emotive work on the disc, lyrical and pensive..."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of So Glad To Be Here by Virginia A. Schaefer)

"... highly energetic, with strong talent & love of music abundant. This gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from our ears for jazzheads around th' globe!"
—Improvijazzation Nation (review of So Glad To Be Here by Rotcod Zzaj)
"...the empathy between Pintchik and her two colleagues is obvious."
"...a most absorbing performance by the pianist/composer and her very capable trio."
—AllAboutJazz.com (review of So Glad To Be Here by Michael P. Gladstone)
"... damned if her debut album isn't a delightful surprise. She has a delicate touch and crafty sense of rhythm.... I look forward to future works by the pianist...."
The Absolute Sound (review of So Glad To Be Here by Fred Kaplan)
"The vivid performances are consistently impressive, played with a grace and skill we rarely hear...They have amazing chemistry together and the joy in their play is more than matched by their skill and proficiency...So Glad To Be Here is an SACD you will want to hear over and over again."
—FulvueDrive-in.com (review of So Glad To Be Here by Nicholas Sheffo)
"Our new upstairs neighbor seems nice, but we miss your music terribly."
Lynn Johnston (former downstairs neighbor)
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