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Author's note from the CD
"We're Here To Listen"

A NOTE FROM LESLIE   Most often when we speak of "listeners" in connection with music, we are referring to the audience. For this CD, I wanted to spotlight the musician's role as listener. I've stolen the title from the closing line of the movie Traffic: the actor Michael Douglas says "we're here to listen," and listening — even more than playing — is, I believe, the most fundamentally important thing a musician does.

All music emerges from an initial silence (and in the subsequent "rests" in a composition or improvised performance), and music accrues its weight, meaning and a compelling narrative when the musicians respond specifically to each other, on a moment-to-moment
basis. Although the silence of a "rest" can be experienced as a passive, recessive moment when "nothing" is happening, it is essentially a deep and dynamic moment, because it represents the powerful sound of a musician listening.

In the right hands, that silence can be reverberant with meaning and anticipation. In this regard, I thank my superb band-mates Scott Hardy, Mark Dodge and Satoshi Takeishi, both for everything they do play, as well as for their powerful virtuoso rests, when they are "just" listening.

Once again, great thanks to A.T. Michael MacDonald for capturing the sound so very
beautifully. Thanks also to Mark Conese for his wonderful recording studio, his enthusiastic
support, and last but not least, his enormous 32 inch gong, which opens the CD.

— Leslie Pintchik